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Wait, F'ing Joe would be disgusting because even if Joe looks sexy, Joe is not sexy. Joe is a F'ing jerk who deserves to burn in hell.

Joe has such a huge ego that he would actually explode all over himself thinking about himself. That's Joe. Sad thing is, I gave him that ego. His dick went all up because of the fame I gave him. He became joy-drunk. If I could, I would pull it from under his feet like a damn carpet because Joe is a F'ing ass who doesn't say thank you to people who have helped him.

I'll tell Joe these soon. Just waiting for someone I like to be done with him. Which will be in a day. And till then, I'm writing this here, making it solid. Maybe my negative energy poured into writing would reach Joe already. Who knows, there are experiments saying human mind can affect random events.

When my wait is over, I'll go to Joe's social media and will make him look like a total jerk, which he is, before I delete him for good. And I'll feel awesome about it. Someone should tell Joe how he actually deserved everything bad that happened to him. I might just be the one. Boohoo, Joe. Then I'll put Joe in my 'I don't give a F even if he poops a blackhole outta his ass' category.

Edit: I did ridicule Joe. Joe got mad. People enjoyed watching us too much which made me mad. People are so thirsty for drama it's sick. Anyway, done with it. No one should be able to walk away after being an asshole. And they haven't.

Edit: I still hate Joe. Go die!

Day 3 Edit: I feel nothing for Joe. No anger, nothing. And his workplace found out about the social media thing. Hmm, what does Joe's boss think about this now? An employee's character is much checked on his social media. Haha, GOOD! And I lost weight dealing with Joe. Good! And I don't understand how 27 people read this bull I wrote about Joe.

Day 4 Edit: Last night I couldn't sleep because of Joe! I was too angry about how he behaved and I thought of Plan B which I didn't use as I went with Plan A about Joe. If I did go with Plan B, it would have made him look like a complete idiot instead of a bad person and a mediocre idiot. People would have seriously talked about it for years. Maybe I should have done that, Joe!! I chose honesty as I'm a good person, Joe!

Edit 5: I saw Joe in my inbox by mistake today. He put a sexy pic on. I didn't give much of a fuck.

Day 6 Edit: I'm gonna express my hate for Joe openly in the lecture discussions of a university class because Joe made me miss a deadline. Argh I hate Joe! It would be so wonderful if one day #SheHatesJoe returned all my trending hate for Joe...He is the third guy whose life I've turned into hell when I think. I never thought I could attack and damage a person publicly like this before I met these disgusting guys. Being treated unjustly creates a revenge monster in me. I thought things like this only existed in movies.

Edit 7: Not giving a F about Joe. Too busy to. He still surfs on the attention he got because of me, showing off more than he usually does. I see it even if I don't want to. But who cares. Not me!...Wait, I just got angry again. Oh it passed.

Edit 8, Conclusion: I started writing this thing down because Joe has been an ass and I was so eager to hit back but I had to wait. The wait was too long, I couldn't hold it in. I also wanted to log how my own mind works while I hit back because I'm bothered by it. Why do I always do it and take all the hustle that comes with it? Joe was a small one. A previous one affected a few hundred thousands of people. When I think about the numbers, it surprises me that I actually did it. The cause was someone doing something disgusting. I won oh-so-good but I was attacked wildly, too because the other party was lying like there's no tomorrow. Well there was no tomorrow for them in the end. Lol.

After this, Joe will think three times before being an ass. But as someone who hates mass attention, maybe I should find a way to control the part of my mind which says "F Joe!" next time.

Edit 9, Additional Edit: Today I was asked by someone to expose a few other people like Joe for them and they were willing to pay a great sum. I feel as if I'm a detective. I will do it, it's easy, but I'll do it for free and anonymously this time.



Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
I'm with an interesting background, living in a few countries and cities throughout the year.

None of my photos are edited. I like keeping things natural.

I like imagination. Anime is cheerful, cute, and imaginative, so I've been a fan. Same reason I'm a fan of sushi and other Japanese food. Dangos <3

I'm absolute beginner with drawing. Kids draw better than me but I bought a Wacom.

I use this account to hold things I write sometimes (My computer is a mess). If people read them, I appreciate the feedback.

I'm learning German and Japanese and I'm liking it.

I say a lot of "I", shame on me.

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